A delicious Thanksgiving celebration dinner was served at the John Day Senior Center on Nov. 20. Chefs Toni Wynne and Cindy Hyder are to be congratulated. John Day Auto Parts and United Methodist Church members provided the turkeys served to a capacity crowd. The many guests included City Volunteer Fire Department members who were unable to attend the Nov. 1 dinner honoring the emergency personnel. We appreciated the cake donated by Chester's Thirftway.

Grant High School students Amanda Myers and Ted Palmer entertained in song. It is very special that young people come to entertain seniors. Ted plays the guitar. (Sorry about the difficulty with the microphone, but please come back.)

Pete Baucum led the flag salute and the Rev. Denny Diezel asked the blessing.

Helen Bogart requests help Wednesday, Dec. 3, in baking cookies for the upcoming Christmas bazaar. She also mentioned that volunteers are needed to man the John Day Senior Center Trust Fund booth at Trowbridge Pavilion on Dec. 6 during the Blue Mountain Hospital Auxiliary's annual bazaar.

During Nov. 19 bingo, Carolyn Caldwell and Mary Brown were callers. Terry Foersterling was awarded $20 consolation for the $250 blackout and Evalyn Boyd won $20 consolation for the $540 blackout.

Spaghetti was served Nov. 24 by members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Alicia Hyde asked the blessing.

Laura Bliss was awarded the gift certificate from Len's Drug, and Marge Porfily, John Day Pharmacy.

The Senior Center will be closed Thursday, Nov. 27, in celebration of Thanksgiving.

A surprise meal will be served on Monday Dec. 1.

Before Thanksgiving we are 85 percent water and after Thanksgiving we are 95 percent turkey.

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