Monday, June 21, Vera Hensley led the flag salute and Bible Way Church members served the meal. Betty Retherford asked the blessing.

New members on the Site Council are Marge Wagner, Stella McCauley and Isa Larkin. Welcome to the board, your service is greatly appreciated.

July 5, the Center will be closed in observance of July 4th. Remember, it is not only July 4th but Independence Day, and give thanks that we are Americans. In observance of this, Senator Ted Ferrioli has had Old Glory and the Oregon State flag flown over the state Capital, and donated them to the John Day Senior Center. What an appropriate time to be given this gift. Thank you, Senator.

Thursday, June 24, corned beef and cabbage was served to a large crowd by St. Elizabeth Catholic Church members and they also furnished the entree. Wasn't the copper penny salad delicious and much enjoyed.

Clear Choice of Bend bought everyone's dinner and their representative, Brad Westphal led the flag salute. Father Julian asked the blessing and entertained by playing three songs on the flute.

Chester's Thriftway certificate went to Vera Priest and Lola Crabtree won a free meal. Cecil Carmin from Indiana, Mary Jane Allen and Abby were guests of Mildred Allen.

July 1, a picnic menu will be served - no ants please! July 8, the favorite, Salisbury steak will be on the menu.

Helen Bogart has decorated the dining room for the 4th of July. Linda Stolz has added very nice pictures to the ladies restroom. Thank you to all who give of their energy and donations to the Center.

Len's Pharmacy certificate was awarded to Eulala Herbert and John Day Pharmacy went to Pete Barrietua.

Bob Larkin and Mary Brown called bingo numbers Wednesday. Denice Seebart and Rod Treyman each won $20 consolation money.

God bless America!

Every idea has its doubters; every accomplishment has its critics.

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