Monday, Nov. 8 fish was served at the senior center by the Site Council and friends. Isa Larkin led the flag salute and Amos Cardwell asked the blessing.

A card was signed to be sent to military serving in Iraq.

Lucille Thissel and Florence Silvers were awarded certificates from John Day Pharmacy and Len's Drug. It was much appreciated that everyone pitched in to help with the cleanup.

A big thank you to all who in any way support the center.

Nov. 11 the center was closed in observance of Veterans' Day. Monday, Nov. 15, a potato bar and the 18th, turkey will be served. The center will also be closed Nov. 25.

Home delivery people have not received the recognition they deserve. Laura Bliss has delivered hot meals for many years and has more recently been joined in the effort by Fred Stoltz.

Bob and Stella McCauley deliver approximately seven meals twice a week to Mt. Vernon. They drive to John Day to pick up the meals, deliver them and then drive back to John Day to enjoy the meal at the center.

Georgeann Williams takes frozen meals once a month to outlying communities, to the west and north, going as far as Dale.

There are too many volunteers to mention, but there are five boards that meet once a month, organizations who set up tables, serve the meals and do cleanup and many businesses and individuals who donate entrees. Driskill Memorial Chapel and King's Discount Store donate a monthly birthday cake and stay to help serve. Then there is the "in-house group" who do everything to keep things going smoothly. Toni, Cindy and helper Pat who serve those wonderful, family style meals.

A big thank-you to all those who roll up their sleeves and lose their shirts. Remember, thank all military - past and present.

Slight not what's near, while aiming at what's far.

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