Aug. 16 the John Day Senior Center meal was served by Bible Way Church members. Salmon casserole was the entree. Karen Conlee led the flag salute and Marilyn Cheadle asked the blessing.

Certificates were won by Bob McCauley and Wilma Bauer. Thanks go to Len's Drug and John Day Pharmacy for these gifts.

Wednesday night bingo callers were Bob Larkin and Carolyn Caldwell. Mary Brown won $30 of the $250 blackout game. A $250 jackpot went to Tanzie Warren and Marge Reddikopp, each winning $15.

Thursday, John Day Police Chief and Mrs. Rich Tirico were welcomed to the center. Diners enjoyed a picnic dinner of baked chicken, baked beans, potato salad, garlic bread and brownies. Does this mean Summer is growing close to an end? Early morning coffee on the deck now requires a sweater!

The meal was furnished by Mayor and Mrs. Roger Simonsen and served by members of United Methodist Church. Don Caldwell led the flag salute and Pastor Denny Diezel asked the blessing.

Isa Larkin and Don Caldwell were wished happy birthday.

Mary Ann Osborn and Billie Bullard each received a free meal, Thelma Kite won free hearing batteries. Helen Cardwell was awarded the gift certificate from Chester's Thriftway.

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