Monday, March 1 the potato bar was enjoyed at the Center. The meal was served by the Blue Mountain Hospital Auxiliary and the entree was furnished by Best Western Motel.

Our leap year person, Max Fergerson, surely doesn't age fast, happy birthday Max. Our young at heart Martha Mascall was also wished a happy birthday.

Flag salute was led by Carole Napier. A moment of silence was observed in memory of Evelyn Talbott.

Len's certificate was awarded to Ed Griffin and Don Porter's name was drawn for the John Day Pharmacy certificate.

Thursday, March 11 chicken will be served, fish on March 15 and March 18, in honor of Saint Patrick's Day, corn beef and cabbage will be enjoyed. Helen Bogart and Thelma Temple have decorated the dining room with shamrocks and gremlins. Shamrocks are an emblem of Ireland and gremlins are imaginary creatures whose meddling antics supposably interfere with smoothness of procedure. So Beware!

Monday, March 4 a favorite entree of salisbury steak was served to a large crowd of diners, entree provided by Methodist Church's, Ye ol' Thrift Shop. Servers were members of St. Thomas Episcopal Church. Arlene Oliver led the flag salute and Tom Switzer asked the blessing.

The Bob Willey's were wished a very happy 54th wedding anniversary.

Certificates went to Dalton Stewart from Chester's Thriftway and Don Anderson was awarded a Senior Center free meal.

Bingo callers were Mary Brown and Carolyn Caldwell. Esther Deis won $20 of the $320 blackout and $20 of the $500 blackout was won by Jim Magee. Bingo is each Wednesday at 6:45 p.m. and the public is invited.

No legacy is so rich as honesty.

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