Monday, Feb. 23, soup and sandwiches were the menu of the day at the John Day Senior Center. Members of the Latter-day Saints served the meal. Wendy Cleaver led the flag salute and Edna May Sheets asked the blessing.

Wade Nodine was a guest of Florence Silvers.

Certificate drawings, donated by Len's Drug and John Day Pharmacy, were won by Fred Stoltz and Chester Bennett.

Tuesday, Feb. 24, the bingo players provided a bus trip to Baker City. The Baker City Senior Center welcomed us for lunch. Richard Courchesene, who has a passenger bus, provided the transportation for a fee. The scenery, as always, was beautiful and included a snowstorm.

Congratulations to Oregon Telephone Company, of Mt. Vernon, which is celebrating 90 years of services to our area.

Toni and Cindy baked up a very tasty lasagna, Thursday, Feb. 26, with garlic bread, string beans, tossed salad and cheese cake topping off the meal. The usual beverages were also served. The entree was furnished by Old West Federal Credit Union and served by members of St. Elizabeth Catholic Church.

Walt Hall led the flag salute and Father Julian asked the blessing, with his own special rhyme. He also played several numbers on the flute during dinner, including the favorite, "Danny Boy."

Don Caldwell and Helen Bogart were each wished a happy birthday.

Chester's certificate went to Chet Bennett, and LaVern Dunn won the free meal from the Center.

The Knights of Columbus Fish Fry free meals went to Pat Penny and Jean Willey.

Ed O'Conner and Ansel Krutsinger were unable to speak about the trust fund due to a scheduling conflict. A speaker from Oregon Law Center spoke about protecting yourself from scams.

Elections were held for the Hall Board. Bob McCalley and Don Caldwell were both elected.

Wednesday night bingo players are always winners, enjoying fellowship, as well as a chance to win blackout. This week's winners split the $310 prize of $20 three ways and the $20 winner of the $500 blackout was Mary Brown. Callers were Bob Larkin and Don Caldwell.

Hope you enjoyed the surprise menu Monday, March 1. The potato bar is a favorite. Salisbury steak will be the entree March 4 and Monday, March 8, beef-a-roni will be served. March 11, chicken will be the entree.

Sunday, Feb. 21, a thank- you event was held at the Center, for volunteers who make the facility successful. Joyce Nodine, who is always entertaining, was master of ceremony. Prizes were awarded and a game was played to test brain skills! Entertainment was provided by Father Julian, Hannah Ellison and Diane Sweek and Kathy Moothart performed a skit. Duane Cheadle sang a song about Ivan Ponfily's cow being on the railroad tracks. Fellowship and refreshments were enjoyed. Thank you goes to the Site Council for the afternoon of enjoyment - and thanks to all who in any way are helpful to the Center.

Rumor travels faster, but it doesn't stay put as long as the trash.

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