JOHN DAY - On Monday, Sept. 13, we had spaghetti with sauce, garlic bread, salad, and cookies for lunch.

The servers were members of Redeemer Lutheran Church. Buzz Gilmore led the flag salute and Pastor Roger Blesi gave the blessing.

Maxine Day from the OSU Extension office brought us information concerning classes for people interested in canning, salsa, pickles, etc., and a class on bread making. There is information posted at the Senior Center in regard to these classes.

Billy Drinkwater had his son and his wife, Ron and Carolyn, and daughter, Jean Greer, as his guests. Pete Van der Vlugt from Miami also visited. Pete's mother and father, Martha and Jerry were doctors here for many years. Quite a few people visited with Pete after dinner.

On Thursday, Sept. 16, we enjoyed good stew, biscuits, green salad, and brownies for dessert.

The entree was furnished by Don and Carolyn Caldwell. The servers were members of the United Methodist Church. Don Caldwell led the flag salute and Rev. Marcie Collins gave the blessing.

Nadine Bradley won the certificate from Chester's Thriftway and Marianne Osborne won the free meal ticket.

Bob McCauley read a short, funny story. Several people with computers send Bob the jokes they receive and we enjoy hearing them.

Helen Bogart had her grandson and his wife, Michael and Ronda Kirkwood, from Spokane, Wash., as her guests.

Sharon Graves from Valley, Wash., and Jerry Cummings from Deer Park, Wash., had dinner with us. They are related to Berniece Mack, Billie Morris and Millie Belshaw, who were all here for dinner.

The menu for Thursday, Sept. 23, will be ham, baked potatoes, salad, rolls and dessert. On Monday, Sept. 27, the menu is taco salad, with all the trimmings, and dessert.

Smile - Teach your hands to help and your heart to love.

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