JOHN DAY - The granddaughter of Neil and Jan Bauer, Trinyty, will be dancing the sword dance at the Caledonian Games in Athena, July 11. Trinyty has been dancing competitively for two years. The 9-year-old's mother is Nissa Howard of St. Helens. Oh yes, "Trin" is my great-grandchild!

June 29, members of the Site Council served. Bob McCauley asked the blessing and Wilma Bauer led the flag salute.

Sloppy joes, potato wedges, tossed salad, mixed veggies and cake were served.

Anita Princehouse received the certificate from Len's Drug.

July 9, country ribs will be served; taco salad July 13; and Swiss steak, June 16.

Strawberry Mountain Natural Beef very generously donated many, many pounds of hamburger to the Senior Center. This is very much appreciated. Thanks so very much to Darrel Holliday.

July 2, Boyd Britton Welding furnished the entree. Helen Bogart led the flag salute and Bob McCauley asked the blessing.

Members of St. Thomas Episcopal Church and volunteers served the meal.

Dale Stennett was wished a happy birthday and Helen Bogart will be 87 on the Fourth of July. How appropriate for that very patriotic lady!

The Chester's Thriftway gift card was given to Wilma Bauer and Eulala Herbert will enjoy a free meal.

Thanks to all. God bless America!

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