JOHN DAY - Les Schwab Tire Company furnished the entree for dinner Dec. 18. Baked potatoes were served as a potato bar with corn-tossed salad, chili beans and cake.

Members of the Bible Way Church served the meal. Pastor Jim Retherford asked the blessing and Vera Hensley led the flag salute.

Carryl Magee, after many years of faithful service as announcer and bookkeeper, has decided to hand the reins over to two very dedicated volunteers. Bob McCauley will be announcing and Don Porter will be in charge of the hall rental, etc. Carryl is to be thanked for her years of dedication.

The Center will be closed Christmas Day, however, Sheriff Palmer, wife RoseAnn and friends will be serving a potluck dinner on Christmas Day at the Center. As I write, we are welcoming winter solstice. Can spring be far away? Serving will start at 12:30, come and bring your Christmas blessings and appetite.

Dec. 27, ham and beans will be served.

Not to change the subject, but a pair of eagles have taken up residence in the cottonwoods and are fishing.

What wonderful music and singing by folks and friends from the Bible Way Church.

State Farm Insurance furnished the entree of ham, sweet potatoes, crab-macaroni salad, string beans and chocolate cake was served.

Members of the Methodist Church served. Len Nelson led the flag salute and pastor Dan Benson asked the blessing.

The Site Council handed out treats to everyone.

Isa Larkin received the certificate from Chester's and Loretta Davis won a free meal.

If you want help filing income tax, there is a sign-up sheet posted. A volunteer will do this service free if there are 20 signed up.

Thanks to all who make the Center a success. Happy New Year!

? A pint of example is worth a gallon of advice.

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