JOHN DAY - On Monday, Feb. 8, we all enjoyed a potato bar with salad, rolls, beef Stroganoff and cookies for dessert.

Our servers were members of Redeemer Lutheran Church. Jeff Bottroff led the flag salute and Pastor Roger Blesi gave the blessing. Winning the certificate from Len's Drug was Jeff Bottroff.

Thursday, Feb. 11, we dined on oven-baked chicken, au gratin potatoes, pasta salad and pumpkin bread. For dessert we were treated to the lovely birthday cake, always furnished by Driskill Memorial Chapel and Velvet Touch Car Wash. Our servers were members of Cornerstone Christian Fellowship.

Today's entree was furnished by Jim and Tootie Cernazanu. Kathy Stockdale led the flag salute and Pastor Levi Manitsas gave the blessing. Bob McCauley entertained us with a story, which we always enjoy.

The certificate from Chester's Thriftway was won by Ruth Smith and Barbara Baucum was awarded the free meal ticket.

We all wished Fred Stoltz a happy birthday, which he celebrated on Feb. 10.

We had a carload of nice guests from Monument and also several residents from Valley View Assisted Living Facility. We are very happy that these nice people are able to join us for a meal and a visit with old friends.

I think we all gripe about the weather at times, but I was just watching the weather reports on TV, it is very apparent that we are very fortunate with the climate here compared to everywhere around us. Good old Grant County!

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