JOHN DAY - Volunteers from the Blue Mountain Hospital Auxiliary, Mary Jones and Bert Kruse, served on Monday.

Mary led the flag salute and Bert asked the blessing. Spaghetti was served, as well as peas, veggie salad and cookies. Len's Drug certificate was won by Gloria Kulis.

July 9, Donna Johnston led the flag salute and Kathy Stockdale asked the blessing. Bank of Eastern Oregon furnished the entree.

Country-style barbecued spareribs were served, as well as baked potatoes, corn, coleslaw, corn bread muffins and birthday cake.

The birthday cake was provided by Driskill Memorial Chapel and a new provider, Velvet Touch Car Wash. All sponsors and donors are so appreciated and thanked. Thanks to all!

Don Caldwell's name was drawn for the Chester's Thriftway gift card and Charlie Oliver will eat free.

July 16, Swiss steak will be the entree; cook's choice on the 20th; and chicken on the 23rd.

If you enjoy and like the food and atmosphere at the center, tell Cindy and Judy. The Site Council also likes to hear your input. Even if you have a complaint, it's better to voice it. It's my opinion that the food is always tasty and the visiting certainly "breaks up" a week.

The wrens have left the nest, but swallows are being taught to catch mosquitoes. They have very good hunting prospects this year!

Haying season is in every stage. It doesn't take long for seasons to roll around.

A woman is like a tea bag. You never know how strong she is until she's in hot water.

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