Kara Kohfield-Hilton 03/06/2009

1.My #1goal for the next six months.

Is losing my Dispatch Butt and my Dispatch Food Baby (GUT), I need to lose about 20-25lbs. (weeeeeeeee, eeeeeee,,, uummm yippeeee.... ya!)

2.What is going to be your biggest motivator?

To be healthy like have been in the past. Just because I am over 30 doesn't mean you automatically start to get fat, um have a low metabolism, and grow in areas we shouldn't.... Although I have already seemed to meet everything I just listed - I refuse to get into this rut that says you suppose to be overweight now..... Plus I would like to be thin again!!

3.What is your strategy to staying the course?

More motivation, to run instead of napping. Discipline... and my loving husband who will encourage me all the way with his obvious facial expressions that I am well over weight. Maddie's nickname of fattiness and the jiggling of my gut, yes I said it the jiggling gut.... To be like Angelina Jolie - with two guns strapped to my thighs and not jiggling... LOL Just kidding.

4.What is your secret food craving?

How about CRAVINGS!!!!!!!! Bacon, BACON, BACON (remind you of the dog food commercial?) !!!!! Ice cream, KFC and corndogs!!!!!!!!!! Outback steak!!!!!! Shrimp on the Barbie (Outback), SODA!!! I love COKE-A-COLA!!!

5.The exercise you love to hate?

I believe right now the exercise I am going to love to hate is all of it. Normally I love to run long distances but right now driving 1100 miles a week to go to school I am tired all the time... Right now my schedule for hours this entire competition is crazy.. I am working 32 hours a week, driving 20 hours a week, 20 hours a week in the classroom and any ambulance calls while I am home that I could possibly fit in.

6.What is your #1 strategy?

Making the time to run, taking vitamins, making sure our refrigerator is full of good healthy stuff and taking vegetables on the trip to Portland with me instead making fast food stops. Drinking lots of water which I do already but eliminating soda and coffee completely.

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