LONG CREEK - There are just two more games this season for the Long Creek Mountaineers.

They host Mitchell this Friday, Feb. 12, and travel to Prairie City Saturday, Feb. 13.

The Mountaineers are progressing, said coach Kelly Brown. Unfortunately, so are the other teams.

"As long as the kids are having fun," though, the season has been worth it, he added.

Recent games have included a matchup versus Prairie City which the Panthers won 80-56.

Jan. 29, the Mountaineers played the Ukiah Cougars. The Cougars have seen some controversy this season, as it was initially thought the Ukiah team had forfeited all varsity games due to its small school size this year.

"Not true," said Brown. He noted that his Mountaineers won the game, although he didn't have a score available and the win was recorded as 2 points for Long Creek and a Ukiah forfeit by Oregon Prep Sports.

The Mountaineers hosted Spray on Jan. 30.

"A good game. They're a pretty well-coached team," said Brown of their match-up.

On Friday, Feb. 5, the Long Creek boys fell to first-ranked Jordan Valley, 97-47.

"They beat us pretty handily," said Brown.

Against Adrian on Saturday, Feb. 6, the score was a little closer, 83-64.

"Our team tried hard and played well," said Brown, adding, "They've got some work to do to for the Mitchell and Prairie City games."

Because Long Creek is a small school and has foreign students who learn the traditional American sport each year, Brown always has a young team to work with.

"Every year we have to make a new team," said Brown.

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