A Lego Cake is the perfect idea for my youngest who will celebrate his birthday soon - he loves Legos!

This recipe and photo comes from my co-worker Winnie Browning, the graphic artist at the Blue Mountain Eagle. She used this recipe last year for her son on his birthday. There are no fancy pans to use, just bread loaf pans and marshmallows cut in thirds for the tops of the "Legos." She said the cake was a lot of fun to make. What a creative dessert for kids!

Supplies and ingredients needed:

2 box cakes

2 containers of white frosting

1 bag of marshmallows

3 loaf pans

Use two box cakes to begin the Lego Cake - follow box instructions. To get the look of the Legos use loaf pans. There will be one loaf left over if you make the cake as shown. One box cake will fill two loaf pans. Winnie used chocolate and vanilla cake mixes, but you can use your favorite flavor. After baking, freeze the cakes so they are easier to cut into squares.

To make as shown in the photo, leave the two bottom cakes uncut, and cut the two top cakes in half. Cut marshmallows into thirds to make the Lego rounds. For the frosting, separate two containers of white frosting into four parts and use food dye for coloring; to get make an intense color, more than just a few drops, especially for red and blue, will be needed. Frost each cake and marshmallow separately, then assemble and bring on the party!

Here is my attempt at the Lego Cake. It was a chore to frost, but a lot of fun for the kids to eat! Definitely worth the effort!

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