Please slow down when approaching downtown John Day. Many semis and logging trucks are driving at a reckless, dangerous speed through densely populated areas. Please renounce your speeding habits.

Speed is a serious problem between Meadowbrook Apartments and downtown John Day. This area is filled with families of young children, churchgoers, City Hall workers and the police station. There is a steady flow of pedestrians, mostly from Meadowbrook Apartments, traveling to or from downtown John Day.

When a speeding semi or logger goes by, a whiff of wind (upward to 5 miles per hour) blows by stirring up dust and rock particles. During winter time, there are a lot of rock particles and dust from muddy automobiles and snowplows laying down sand. The rock particles and dust are an annoyance for pedestrians. Often times, I have to stop to cover my face from the flying dust and rock.

The Meadowbrook Apartments are home to many single mothers with babies. I see mothers pushing their strollers carrying their precious cargo. The dust and rocks can be dangerous to babies and small children, who are vulnerable to living environments. These particles could easily hit them in the eyes or they could swallow them or bruise them.

Often I have witnessed semis and loggers hit their air brakes hard when going down the steep hill into John Day. My biggest fear is that the brakes could give (and) they could lose control of their monster, two tons of destruction.

One solution for this problem is for the city to post secondary speed limit signs, one past Chester's, one near McDonald's, one at the police station and the fourth sign near the Mormon Church. The signs should read: 20 mph at all times for trucks.

I hope I have your full support of my complaints.

Mylum O'Shinn

John Day

• It's not just commercial trucks that drive over the speed limit. Many drivers around town have a heavy foot. Be courteous. Slow down and stay safe.

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