To the Editor:

Well, here I am again. I felt I had to respond to the letter to the editor from Christopher Christie professing his desire for cooperation among all the affected groups involved in the injunction against grazing on the Forest Service allotments and reiterating the position supporting how damaging grazing is to the environment. I cannot concur.

No matter how you stand on this issue I think it is important to point out that Christopher Christie was a paid consultant for ONDA in the lawsuit against the Forest Service, and intervening allotment permittees, that has resulted in “irreparable damage” to cattle grazing on historic allotments. Mr. Christie was less than forthcoming about his role enjoying his recreational activities on our public lands. I have stood virtually in his tracks and observed the exact same landscape, in which he managed to document severe damage to the riparian area, when a little broader view shows nothing but natural growth. It’s all in the perspective, so to speak. His testimony was termed “less than trustworthy” by the court at hearing.

ONDA has now filed for injunctive relief that affects more than 39 additional allotments in Eastern and Northeastern Oregon. There is no end in sight to the assault against one of the few remaining family businesses in eastern Oregon. Certainly, Mr. Holland, you are right (“Demand repeal of the ESA” Jan. 19 letter, Blue Mountain Eagle).

Mary MacArthur


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