To the Editor:

First I want to call attention to the outstanding feat of Undersheriff Todd McKinley, who packed a lost hunter (Eric Hemmele) out on his back for about an hour. Having been a police officer, I know that riding around in a patrol vehicle is an easy way to get out of shape. It took an Eastern Oregon real man to do what Todd did - kudos to you, Todd.

Second, (regarding the cat-trapping case) I would like to say to cat owners: "Don't you know that your and your cat's rights end where the Wilborns' rights begin?" Keep your cat inside and it won't be bothering your neighbors. Consider it fortunate that the trap was not a Conabear that kills, but rather a live-trap that harms nothing.

I totally agree with the Blue Mountain Eagle editor that this is a waste of public resources. Shame on the police involved and the DA for causing extreme worry to such elderly people.

Lastly, I think I may have a solution to the EPA wanting to tax farmers and ranchers for their livestock flatulence emissions. In order to be fair, someone would need to insert gauges that could measure the actual amount of gas being passed by these critters. This could create a "hole" new job opportunity for newly unemployed Wall Street types. To take it a step further, it would be more productive to connect inflatable rubber bladders and capture this abundant natural resource.

I'm sure that T. Boone Pickens would be willing to talk to them about compressed natural gas, and ending our dependency on foreign oil.

Terry Steele


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