To the editor:

Regarding Markku Sario's Sept. 27 letter: He speaks of our current sheriff having great experience. He talks about the experience Glenn Palmer has in running the jail and operating a large budget. If my memory is correct, Glenn Palmer was a member of the John Day Police Department prior to becoming a sheriff with no experience running a sheriff's department.

Now let's take the other side of the coin concerning Mike Durr running for sheriff. Mike grew up in law enforcement; his father is a retired detective with the Oregon State Police and, from what I understand, was a terrific police officer. His son Mike has been a good police officer, serving the state police in a very honorable fashion.

Mr. Sario states that Glenn Palmer has all the experience to run a sheriff's office. Let's go over to Baker County. Mitch Southwick ran for sheriff over there and has a much larger budget than Grant County. Mitch was retired from the OSP and since being elected has done a great job for Baker County and also is very well liked. Mitch stepped into this position also with no experience in running a jail or a county budget. The argument that Mr. Sario presents doesn't hold water.

It's time for a change in our sheriff's department, so give strong consideration to writing Mike Durr's name on the ballot. He would make a great sheriff and one we can all be very proud of. Being a write-in always makes it more difficult to win. But think, folks. Mike Durr would make a much better sheriff.

Mark Miller


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