To the Editor:

It is with great pleasure that I write a letter of support for Dana Brooks for County Clerk.

I worked for Dana as her administrative assistant at the Commission on Children and Families for two years. While working for Dana I found her to be personable, very intelligent, hard-working and professional.

I have seen her "in action" at several state Commission on Children and Families meetings and found her to be well-informed on topics that affected the Grant County Commission, and the children and families in Grant County.

She took her job very seriously and worked hard to do a great job. She is well-respected by her peers in the Commission and I know all these traits will continue to be evident when elected to the position of County Clerk.

Dana is wonderful at multitasking, remaining professional on all levels and seeking out answers when she does not know them. She is not afraid to reach out to others in her profession so she can answer questions knowledgeably.

She also takes pride in being available whenever she is needed. I was amazed at the amount of sick leave she had available because she just didn't take time off. She felt it was very important to put in a regular 40 hours a week in her office plus attending meetings outside of those hours.

I have seen her present issues before the County Court and she is always prepared and willing to answer all questions asked of her. She always made sure she was professional and respectful when in court.

I encourage you to cast your vote for Dana Brooks for County Clerk. If you would like to know more about Dana, just ask her. I know she would like you to make an informed vote, above all else.

Please don't forget to vote and when you do, vote for Dana Brooks for County Clerk.

Nancy Carr

John Day

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