To the Editor:

Back a few years ago, when citizens of Grant County had just voted to make this county a United Nations-free zone, I and a couple of others wrote to the Blue Mountain Eagle and said that it was a big mistake to do that. We were concerned about how that vote made Grant County look to the rest of the country.

The two local men who were the chief sponsors of the petition were really puffed up at their win at the polls; and at least one of them wrote to this paper and said that our comments sounded like sniveling.

At different times over the years, I maintained that outlawing the United Nations would keep desirable people out of the county, and attract in weirdos. Guess what?

Paul R. Mullet, Aryan Nations leader, recently said (regarding their locating their national headquarters in John Day), "This is a good fit with the values here." Need I snivel more?

Terry Steele


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