Now that deer season is over I have some comments about a few of our local "hunters."

Let me begin by saying I am not against hunting. I love hunting and all outdoor sports. But I also believe in what an ethical hunter considers fair chase.

The secret is out. The best place to shoot a nice buck is right here in town. I have a few thoughts for the so-called sportsmen that hunt the town deer.

I can only guess the thrill it must be to rattle a potato chip bag and see a big buck come running in licking his lips. It must be a very proud moment when you hang one of these bucks on the wall, knowing someone considered it one of their pets. I'm sure these town deer hunters look down on and talk about the Portland hunters, saying they are city folks and don't really know how to hunt ethically.

Maybe we should start a record book for only town deer or pets. Not only could we have pictures with the deer and the hunter, we could put the pet name under it since we know most of them are named, such as Oscar, Bucky, Forky and Fuzzie. We could give away camo slippers, camp lawn chairs and even a camo barbecue. I'm thinking if this town deer hunting catches on maybe people could sell hunting rights off of their decks.

Or we could simply leave these deer alone so everyone could enjoy watching and taking pictures of them. And, who knows, someday they may even attract some tourism, which would help the whole county, if they haven't already.

Bob Garrison

John Day

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