To the Editor:

Yes, I do value my school teachers, police and social workers! I do not have a problem with paying my fair share of taxes. I do have a problem with state government not being able to balance the state budget. While most public employees have a better salary and benefits than the employees that work for private enterprises.

So tax the businesses that gross over $250,000, that is still filed on personal taxes. Go retroactive to Jan. 1, 2009, and pay taxes on gross income, not profit - even if you have a loss. Where are those people going to come up with the money to pay. Nothing has been withheld to pay those taxes. Looks to me like a back-door sales tax.

These public employees don't pay to heat the building they work in, or pay utility bills. They have great benefits, health care, retirement, etc., but they just keep wanting more. Some small businesses can't afford to have those benefits! There isn't enough left over to pay for those.

A lot of businesses in Grant County get hit pretty hard for donations to support school functions, yet we still give. Well, now that money is going to go to taxes.

So the 17 school teachers at Humbolt and the state employees, now maybe you can have a raise while my wages go down. Measures 66 and 67 do not affect only 36 people in Grant County. It affects 36 people and all the people who work for them!

Now that you have gotten your way, some businesses will leave the state, some will stay, and some will go out of business ... and most of them will struggle.

Andy Day

John Day

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