To the Editor:

Please - Call your elected officials and request in the strongest terms that they help our local officials stop the relocation of the Aryan Nation in John Day, or anywhere within the state of Oregon. The rights of hateful people stop where my rights begin... I feel threatened by their violent history and their intended agenda.

From the Boston Globe, speaking about Paul R. Mullet upon the attack on 9/11: "Paul R. Mullet, Minnesota leader of the Aryan Nations, is, if possible, blunter still. 'The current events ... have caused me to activate my unit,' he said, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks extremist groups and compiled statements from such sources as Internet chat rooms and e-mail. 'Please be advised that the time for Aryans to attack is now, not later.'"

This language is beyond free speech, it is a declaration of intent to harm others. Direct threats negate free speech in my opinion.

Let your opinion be known where it counts:

Sen. Ted Ferrioli - 541-575-2321

Attorney General John Kroger - 503-378-4400

Gov. Kulongoski - 503-378-4582 (leave a message).

Kay Scheurer Steele


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