To the Editor:

I am not sure if I should feel ashamed or embarrassed about the treatment of the Wilborns by our local law enforcement and District Attorney. Do these people have no right to protect their property from trespassers, be it a person or cat or dog or whatever?

I believe in protecting the rights of others, but let's get real here. I would hope that I have the right to have an open carport on my own property and to keep stray animals out of it.

It is beyond my comprehension that this couple was arrested and charged with theft of a companion animal. What about charges of trespass and vandalism for the cat? Have we come to this in our society?

To me, this is beyond ridiculous. Who is responsible for the cost incurred by the District Attorney's office and law enforcement who dealt with this? I am guessing here, but I bet it is the taxpayer. We need to end this sort of insanity.

Let the neighbors figure out that if their cat is damaging someone's property, then the cat, and even the owner of the cat, should be held responsible, not the people to whom the damage is being done. A six-month investigation, and no charges against the cat's owner. I know what I would have done if the cat had left "feline calling cards" in my carport.

Kenny Delano Jr.

Mt. Vernon

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