To the Editor:

How many readers know what the rest of Barack Obama's real plan to change our country is? You've heard the bit about getting out of Iraq, insurance for all, medical care for all children, more employment, etc. etc. etc. What he never brings up is the 2nd Amendment and your right to bear arms. Your right to protect yourself and your family. Your right to have a hunting rifle, a self-defense handgun, or an antique firearms collection.

Why doesn't he talk about this? Because he doesn't want you, the voter, to know that he will do all in his power to 1) ban the use of firearms for home defense, 2) pass federal laws eliminating your right to carry a firearm, 3) ban the sale, manufacture and possession of handguns, 4) attempt to close down 90 percent of the stores and shops that sell guns in the U.S., 5) ban rifle ammunition used for hunting and sport shooting, 6) increase federal taxes on guns and ammunition by 50 percent, 7) restore voting rights to criminals convicted of using guns in violent crimes, 8) expand the Clinton era semi-auto ban that would include most of our firearms, 9) mandate a government-issued license to purchased a firearm (if this were to happen the anti-gun radicals would see that no license would ever be issued) and 10) appoint judges who agree with his anti-gun ownership views.

Obama is an anti-hunting promoter also. Think what that would do to the hundreds of millions of dollars that hunting and fishing pump into the economy of the nation, as well as the contributions hunters make in habitat restoration and animal control, things that anti's won't lift a finger to help with.

This is part of change that he is not telling us about. We can't allow this to happen, folks. I'm old enough to remember when Hitler said, "we will disarm the people for a safer, gentler Germany." Remember that?

Dean Elliott

Canyon City

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