To the Editor:

The national news recently had a brief focus on cuts at the FDA and America's increasing dependence on foreign food. People need to realize that food security is national security. If we are concerned about out dependence on foreign oil, we should be sleepless over the idea of dependence on foreign food.

This comes on the heels of the Oregon Legislature and environmental extremists' attempts to make it virtually impossible to profitably farm and ranch in this state. The life-blood of agriculture is water, however, several bills were proposed that would create even more roadblocks to accessing water for irrigation. Several measures were introduced that would have explored options for water storage during wetter months. Unfortunately, none of these bills made it out of committee.

The citizens of Oregon need to think carefully about where the food they purchase at the grocery store really comes from. They need to respect and support the industry that is working to feed them and protect their health.

If we were outraged about our pets dying from contaminated, imported food, how will we feel when it is our children?

Helen Moore, executive director

Water for Life Inc.


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