Of late the letters to the editor have seemed to replace the comic section, but Mr. Jim Kelley's advocating it should serve as a public forum seems appropriate.- Therefore, I suggest we look at an issue that reflects poorly on our rational thinking process.

Just this past week, the Blue Mountain Hospital announced it will be starting a hospice program that will compete with the existing hospice program that has been serving Grant County, as well as Wheeler County, for the past six-plus years.-

They established Hospice of Redmond, Sisters, and Grant County because the hospital chose not to provide this service seven years ago.-

This arrangement has proved a prudent move as the fund-raising ability of Redmond and Sisters in a more populated area has greatly benefited Grant County Hospice.- Incidentally, this level of private funds would never happen in our small community.-

Eight people are employed with Grant County Hospice; all reside in Grant County, pay taxes, support our economy, and one has native sons serving us in Iraq.-

The five RN's have unequaled experience that benefits the patient and not one was paid a $3,000 signing bonus.

The issue here is health care not profit.-If you pay property taxes in our county, look them over and see what-you are contributing to subsidize our Blue Mountain Hospital.- With that type of subsidy, how could you manage to run a deficit?-

I have a hard time thinking our elected hospital board of directors endorsed this move, which will reduce county income, as well as patient care.-

We need to be more aware of who serves us when it comes to a board that deals with public funds.

Dennis Abraham


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