On Jan. 16, as I was coming into town from Lebanon, I saw a bad accident scene. Then I continued on towards home on West Bench. To my amazement, the road up Chimney Gulch and Ridge Road wasn't even touched by a plow or sand. It was really slick.

I think the County Court should look into this. The main objective of the road department is pubic safety. I know for a fact in the past years and management that the holidays have been covered very well. I feel management needs to be looked at. The road department has two bosses and they need to be out looking to see if the roads are safe for the public. This is the main part of their job. This and other roads are important as people do travel back and forth to town and there is the possibility of an ambulance having to go on these roads. If there is an accident on one of these slick roads, it will compound the problem if an emergency vehicle slides off the road, too.

You can't use the excuse of no money in the bank. Something needs to be done, as there were other people complaining about other county roads. The court has put more roads up on this bench; they need to be covered, too. If not, quit building roads and start maintaining them. Public safety is important.

Art Pereira

John Day

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