Weddings are a cause for celebration - and the election results are appalling in states where voters added discrimination to the rulebooks.

Clearly voters in these 11 states believe in discrimination rather than marriage protection. These same people are getting divorced, often repeatedly, but would rather discriminate against a minority rather than restrict divorce. Anyone heard of Brittany Spears?

Hopefully, the radical right's cheering will be short-lived. Now it's the judicial branch's turn to weigh in - hopefully "reactivist" judges will not be bullied in to claiming these amendments to be "unbiased" and "fair."

The sole surefire way of stripping judicial tyrants in the form of reactivist judges of their ability to do this is to remember that the Constitution protects religious freedom and prevents discrimination. If it were not for the activist judges of yesteryear, then people of African-American decent and Caucasians would not be allowed to marry now.

Terry Pollak-Hope

John Day

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