To the Editor:

HEY, is this a great country or what?

  If you're a burglar, you can break into a home, and if you're lucky enough to get injured in the process, you can then sue the homeowner - and chances are, become a millionaire!

  OR, more locally, if you have a chicken-killing dog, you can leave it unattended, and then when it breaks into the neighbor's yard and kills HIS pets, you can get the law after him as he defends himself, his property, and livestock!

But of course, your "harmless, darling dog" is of far greater value and importance than his dirty old chickens.

AH - but then, there's the nasty use of the gun the chicken owner used in his defense, very dangerous to all around - and of course the uncontrolled dog isn't a bit dangerous and capable of harming unfamiliar kids or adults is it?

But then, a few days ago, he supposedly wasn't a chicken killer, either.

  Talk about upside-down thinking and logic! We're becoming a country (and city?) where the perpetrators are the "victims," and the victims are the "bad guys," who "have to pay"...

Gary and Arlene Davidson

Canyon City



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