To the Editor:

A recent letter criticizing a hunter for killing an aggressive cougar and the possibility of two young cougars not surviving reminds me of a commentary by Paul Harvey several years ago.

A woman jogger was killed by a cougar in California. The cougar was killed and two offspring were captured. The woman left behind two orphans. 

Donations came in and soon numbered in the thousands of dollars. But not to the children; the cougars were the favored ones.

Paul Harvey chided the nation that would put the welfare of animals above that of humans. The money increased for the children, but in the end it was almost even compared to what the cougars received.

Cougars that exhibit aggressive behavior toward human should be shot. Period. Spare the tragedy of two young cougars’ future. Since cougars are killing the bulk of our mule deer in the state, is it not reasonable that mama deer are killed leaving fawns to starve or disappear down the gullets of these large predators? To use the author’s own words, “What a sad situation.”

Mankind did not get to the top of the food chain by being stupid, though I sometimes wonder. In the scheme of things, something kills and eats something else. Not everyone will be viewed as a “Happy Meal” by a cougar. However, enough people have been killed and eaten in recent years to put cougars on the man-killer list.

Folks, we need to get real and stop second-guessing someone else’s reaction when the snarl of a cougar puts the hair up on the back of one’s neck.

Good shot, Winnie.

Dave Traylor

John Day


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