To the Editor:

I am writing this letter in regards to the Long Creek Mountaineers' basketball team.

Mountaineers, I deeply appreciate all of you players and the way you have all played your hearts out. We have had a hard year this year and we have played some tough games, and I am proud of how you have all hung in there through the good times and the bad times, always giving it your best shot even though it didn't always go in the basket.

You have endured the "elbows in the ribs," the knees where they shouldn't have been and the tripping while you were running 50 mph. You did this because you love the game. You did this for our school and our community. We should all be proud of you.

Last year, we got to go to the district playoffs; this year we didn't. That's OK; sometimes we're the windshield and sometimes we're the bug. Always remember that in God's eyes and through the eyes of those who love you, you are all "winners."

I am also deeply grateful to everyone who came to the games and supported our team. This really means a lot to the players. It inspires them and gives them the encouragement that they need to get through the game. When they see their family, friends and community members in the bleachers it "pumps them up" and gives them that "feel-good feeling."

I deeply appreciate everyone who kept their faith in our players by continuing to come back to the games, for those who whooped and cheered through the thick and the thin.

Mountaineers, you are an awesome basketball team, a great bunch of kids and you are a huge part of the "glue" that holds our school together, and we love you.

Above and beyond all else, I am most grateful that I can watch my grandson, who is a junior this year, run up and down the basketball floor. I am grateful that I can watch him dribble a basketball or shoot a basket.

I am grateful that my youngest grandson, who is in junior high, can do the same, for there are millions of young people who would love to do these things, but because of health issues they will never have the opportunity and this is heartbreaking.

So perhaps we should take a few moments and give thanks to God for what we otherwise may take for granted every day.

Nancy Morgan

Long Creek

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