To the Editor:

At the forum held for Judge Webb Oct. 14, I heard a man talk circles around questions and try to steer responsibility toward others. We don't need a judge who talks circles around things.

Judge Webb has interfered with the sheriff's department, the library and is still doing so with the road department. His interference with the road department has cost the taxpayers over $120,000, with this cost still rising. He recently changed a sick leave policy that is already spelled out in a collective bargaining agreement (which he signed and agreed to). This caused more labor grievances to be filed.

Mr. Webb admitted, in his own forum, these problems have occurred on his watch and yet, he attempts to shift blame elsewhere.

There are people who are afraid to speak their minds or give their opinions publicly over concern for what Mr. Webb will do in relation to their jobs and livelihood. We don't need that in Grant County.

Grant County does not need a judge who creates, rather than solves, problems.

I urge everyone to support Grant County and vote, "yes" to recall Mark Webb.

Mike Ledgerwood

Canyon City.

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