The Blue Mountain Eagle has seemingly slipped into the gutter and dismissed its own policy about personal attacks by endorsing in print a vicious and vindictive letter from Wanda McHatton, and by not verifying information and printing incorrect information. Both are guilty of character assassination, damaging hearsay and lies.

The petition to recall City of Long Creek Council member Amy Kreger, submitted by me, the chief petitioner, was declared void by the secretary of state because it was supposed to be filed through the City of Long Creek, not through the Grant County Clerk's Office.

The second filing was necessary due to incorrect advice and information from McKinnon.

City of Long Creek employee Wanda McHatton went to Canyon City and was given by McKinnon the entire recall petition and related documents filed by me and a letter issued by the County Clerk, acknowledging and approving filing and recall petition for Amy Kreger.

Did the Grant County Clerk violate and compromise her professional office by providing this information? It is, perhaps, a moot question, but does raise an eyebrow.

A signed petition, which clearly states why Amy Kreger should be recalled will be given (this week) to the City of Long Creek, and Ms. McHatton may continue to spread the word.

The recall of Amy Kreger is justified, follows Oregon laws and is alive and well and gaining wide support.

The reason for demanding a recall of Amy Kreger: 1) Refuses to acknowledge or follow City Charter or laws of the State of Oregon; 2) Refuses to consider the best interests of the citizens of Long Creek as a whole; and 3) Persists in developing and implementing local policies detrimental to the growth and vitality of the City of Long Creek.

Wanda McHatton received the information about the signatures on the petition from the county while working for the City of Long Creek, and yet she signed her letter as "citizen." Isn't that an abuse of the workplace? I am, through this letter, and additional correspondence, requesting the City of Long Creek to discipline Wanda McHatton.

I resent Wanda McHatton's reference to EMT Amy Kreger showing up at my home. If Amy Kreger is concerned about a lawsuit, maybe she should resign as an EMT.

What response are you searching for, Wanda McHatton?

And by the way, I enjoy looking in the mirror - a 66-year-old gentleman, professional and well-educated.

Dale Martin

Chief petitioner to recall Amy Kreger

Long Creek

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