Dave Traylor's recent letter to the Blue Mountain Eagle stated that there "are "terrorists" in our county, state and nation that have the sole purpose of destroying our lives and our property." In today's world, that's an extremely serious accusation to make about one's neighbors.

In his letter, Mr. Traylor was extremely vague about who those "terrorists" are. Given Mr. Traylor's rather well-known viewpoint in this community, I imagine that he is referring to some left-leaning environmentalists. But who knows?

Terrorism is a serious crime. In a civil society, it's generally considered unacceptable to make generalized and vague accusations that some of your neighbors are serious criminals - like murders or rapists.

If Mr. Traylor has evidence of terrorism in Grant County, he should be naming names and going to the authorities. I doubt that intimidating his neighbors was Mr. Traylor's intent, but making a broad and vague accusation that some of his neighbors are "terrorists" will have that effect on those who don't share his point of view.

I certainly understand that Mr. Traylor's viewpoint is shared by many in this community. This is not meant to be a defense of actual eco-terrorists and those who support them - their actions are indefensible. And I suspect Mr. Traylor is sincere and well-intentioned, if a bit overzealous.

But our newspaper should be a model of civility and civil discussion. Letters like Mr. Traylor's should be unacceptable to us all.

Jim Kelly


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