Dale Martin has tried for quite a few years to be elected or appointed to the City Council, Mayor and Cemetery Board. He has not succeeded; so he has found a way he thinks will work.

He has gotten 18 signatures in order to file the recall of a City Council member, Amy Kreger. If he can get her to resign rather than participate, he figures he will be appointed to fill her position.

For a recall all he needs is 16 signatures and give vague reasons: 1. Refuses to acknowledge or follow state law; 2. Refuses to consider the best interests of the City of Long Creek; and 3. Pursues to develop and employ local policies detrimental to the growth and vitality of the City of Long Creek.

It's a joke. The council makes decisions as a governing body, with a majority vote on any decisions. No one, and I mean no one member of the City Council, can make or has made any decisions as an individual.

Those signatures are of people who do not like Amy for whatever reason. So it's a personal vendetta or if you wish, a "witch hunt."

I think that it is unethical and should be illegal. A person in office should be judged by their actions in office, not personality.

Amy, as well as the other council members have had no private agendas. They have tried their best to do what is right for our city when making all decisions.

The council are all volunteers. They give of their time to attend meetings and give informed decisions. No one in the city is given special privileges. All are treated the same. To pick out Amy in order to get a seat on the council is ludicrous.

As it stands now, we have three new members of the council. Lavelle Holmes and Charrisa Hixenbaugh, who were elected in November 2004, and Stacie Witt, who was appointed in December to fill the position left vacant when Frank Denton resigned.

Stacie is appointed; so she cannot be recalled. The two newly elected council members cannot be recalled until they have been in office for six months.

What people do not realize is when on the council you are not suddenly God and can change all the rules and be all powerful. You are a member of four. All decisions must be by majority vote and must meet all city, county, state and federal laws and follow the city charter.

You may think you can change anything any way you want, but you can't. The days of the "Good Ol' Boy Network' are gone. You cannot do whatever you want.

Council members each have a copy of rules and law books from the State of Oregon telling them what the city can and cannot do and the city pays an attorney for his legal advice.

Amy was voted by the council to be the council president at the January council meeting, which means she conducts the meeting if the Mayor Clifford Smith is absent.

Amy is and has been for several years a Long Creek EMT. She is also a member and chairman of the Long Creek School Board and she's also on the Blue Mountain Hospital Board.

Amy has been honest in all her dealings. If she disagrees with you, she will tell you. She's very upfront and takes her responsibilities seriously.

Dale figures she will resign rather than go through the recall process, which she would win.

Dale figures she will not want to cost the county $500 and go through the process and he's probably right. What will Dale do if Amy is called to Nelda's as an EMT. Sue her on some trumpted up charge?

The people who signed the recall petition are Elizabeth and Phil Lynall, Bobbie Huston and Chris Brusman, Laura Brunton and Gerald Pearl, Carmen Norris, Elizabeth and Dale Hunt, Pearl and Clarence Shearer, Dixie and Patruck Cassidy, Patrick Kilby, Eugene Crump, Wendy and Dave Verstoppen and Dale Martin.

I could tell you a lot about the lives of most of the people on this list, but that would be mudslinging, so I won't. The citizens of Long Creek know what I'm talking about.

It will take the county clerk 10 working days to confirm signatures, then Amy has five days to respond. Then 35 days later, there will be a vote by the registered voters of Long Creek. The cost of $500 will be charged to Grant County.

I hope the people of Long Creek will call Amy and ask her not to resign, and I wonder how Dale can look at himself in the mirror.

Wanda McHatton

Long Creek

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