To the Editor:

Regarding Judge Mark Webb's column on the legal framework for the dispute over the sheriff's duties, it's funny that this story only makes the editorials when the judge has made such a huge issue of a problem he created. It's also seems funny that he is citing that now it's okay for Sheriff Palmer not to accept the duties of this position, because it is defined in the Oregon statutes that the Sheriff does not have to accept the position, the judge should have been fully aware of the laws he is required to enforce, before making such a scene and wasting the taxpayers' money. The judge did a great job blowing up a problem that never really existed. 

In Grant County, most officials are elected. The people whom are elected are those that the community believe have their best interests. In most cases this should be true, because as a former member of this small community most people have the same ideas or want the same things. In this case that unfortunately was not what happened. Mr. Webb should understand that arguing and causing scene over something that was not legitimate was a waste of community resources and also that of other county budgets and is unacceptable. This is not how it works in Grant County. It is a tight-knit community that will fight to the bitter end for what they think is right. I believe the sheriff is not the only one that is in need or deserves an apology for your actions.

Misty Staebler

Albany (former John Day resident)

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