Recently, it was brought to my attention that innocent children are being used to promote the acceptance and dispersal of wolves in the state of Oregon.

Information was relayed to me that teachers and others were having children write or sign letters advocating the reintroduction and promotion of the wolf. Most of this is going on west of the cascades, where they have little real understanding of what the end result will be.

I certainly hope the wolf advisory committee has the wherewithal to figure out that these children are being used. They have neither the knowledge or judgement at their young age to determine whether what they are signing is right or wrong.

As I understand it , the bulk of these letters are in favor of the wolves having free access in Oregon.

These children are not told that these animals will destroy many of the very animals that they have held near and dear to their hearts. Either tell them the whole truth, or do not allow any letters to be entered into record that originate from this source.

An uninformed citizen is just as bad as one that refuses to listen to the truth. In this battle against entry of the wolves, there are too many of those.

Dean Elliott

Canyon City

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