To the Editor:

In response to the realization of the negative effects of the gun control and seizures in The United Kingdom and Australia and in view of current proposed legislation across this country, I would like to make a few comments.

There are those out there who are again aggressively after our guns and ammunition. Without ammunition our guns won't defend us from "enemies both foreign and domestic."

There are movements abroad and already court cases which say that the agreements made with the state and local sheriff's offices to carry a concealed weapon should be open public knowledge, and that concealed weapons permit-holders lists should be printed in the newspaper etc. If I were a non-permit holder I would be as outraged at this, as the permit holders should be.

This just puts the non-permit holders on the other list that says: "these people are less likely to able to defend themselves, therefore they make an easier target for the bad guys."

I say that every qualified American should get and maintain a concealed weapons permit. This will neutralize those extorted lists and make them worthless to those who would fragment us to control us or would deprive us of life, liberty or property.

Tim Smith


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