To the Editor:

Well, well, well, it seems the road department is at it again. The roadmaster is making like a child again. He is threatening to quit. This happened just before I was fired. It seems he can't manage the department yet. I wonder who will be fired next in the heat of the battle.

The real problem lies within the management of the department. You have three big bosses (county court) and three smaller bosses (roadmaster, road boss and head mechanic). The head mechanic can't run the department and the road boss needs to pay attention to the overall plan. What happens is each one listens to others and it amounts to a Pac-man situation. "I know more than the others so I will undermine the person until the court sees it my way." It is a vicious circle. It never ends. It doesn't work.

I say again, the title doesn't make a person smart. It is the experience that make things work. So far I haven't seen anything change, so that tells me that there is not much using management experience going on.

What is going to happen is the federal funds we seem to survive on will disappear. If you contract out the jobs, try to lower the amount of work the department does, or lower the standards, it shows people we do not need the funds. Oh, by the way, the funds are timber receipts for roads, not schools. It is nice that we can let the schools have some money. But, if you show mismanagement and lack of use of the road funds, it sends up a big flag. Thus, the county will lose the road funds. So, looking at this angle, the schools and the road department lose. The whole county loses. People are out there looking for excuses to take the timber funds. They feel they deserve the money.

Management had better grow up and start thinking collectively and not individually. I feel you need to open up your minds and find the real problem. I know you can do it. I also feel it can be done within the laws and regulations that the union has. Start thinking ahead.

Art Pereira

John Day

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