As a 1999 graduate of Prairie City High School and an Eagle subscriber, I am extremely disappointed with a recent article I read in the sports section of the Blue Mountain Eagle.

I personally was offended by the Eagle's incapability to report the facts regarding PCHS's volleyball success in the 1990s.

In the Nov. 3 edition of the paper, our local sports editor stated that "10 years between league championships is a long time for any school..."

I'm sorry, Mr. Adams, but you better work on getting your facts straight.

In actuality, PCHS has won two league championships within the last 10 years; the most recent of which was in 1998.

In fact, that season we not only won league, but we were undefeated in league and beat that year's state championship team (Ione) in the first game we played.

We also won the league championship in 1995 and were second in league in 1996.

So has success really eluded the PCHS volleyball team for 10 years? These facts seem to indicate not.

An additional issue that deserves mentioning was the previous week's sports edition where Mr. Adams proclaimed the Panthers volleyball team, "Champions at the net." Sir, maybe you are operating under the assumption that the citizens of Grant County are ignorant. If you are, you are wrong. I can assure you that the majority of your readers are avid sports fans like myself, and we will know the difference if you wrote one week that the Panthers have won the league championship and tell us the next week that the lady Panthers will actually be playing a tie-breaking game for second and third in league.

All I'm asking is that you get it right the first time. That way your readers won't have to read lies and you won't have to stick your foot in your mouth.

My suggestion to you, Mr. Adams, do your research, report the facts and don't declare a winner prematurely unless you work for the NBC election reporting staff.

Megan Voigt

Baker City

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