Unbelievable! One of the highest paid jobs by the county, that of county planning director, is "telecommuting" out of the county. A salary that is paid by the taxpayers of Grant County and that money is going to Roseburg to be spent in any fashion that Ms. Hilary McNary chooses, and you can rest assured it won't be spent in Grant County.

Is it any wonder that our young people have to leave here to make a living for themselves? When this kind of thing is happening from directives of the county court. As the editor of this paper stated last week, "there are about 7,000 people in the county and only 3,200 jobs," and our County Court chose to do this to the residents.

It isn't like there were no (other) applicants, as I know there were. And it isn't as if she were the only qualified person in Oregon, because she isn't. This means that all planning for Grant County now will be done in Roseburg and Ms. McNary will use the phone or computer to let us know what's going to happen here in the county, whether it's good or bad for the county or not. As a tax paying resident of Oregon and Grant County, I am appalled!

Shame on you, Judge Reynolds.

Patty Hyde

Canyon City

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