To whom this may concern, I have been a resident of Grant County for the past 15 years. I went to high school in Monument, and have been a licensed hunter in the State of Oregon for 12 years.

As a woman raising three children (ages 11, 7, 2), I fear for their hunting rights, and their protection in their near future.-

Poachers are a big problem in Grant County, our elk herds were getting larger, but due to local poachers they are diminishing.

Local ranchers have also lost livestock to poaching, and just this last month there was a buck shot and hung in our cemetery on the fence in city limits - and nobody has been charged for the crime.-

Why are these people doing this, and what is being done to stop them?

As an American, it is my right and yours to-have and use a firearm, but with guns in the wrong hands now, I fear for the rights of those who use them correctly.-

Will our children still be able to hunt in 10 years? Ask yourself that question. Children first.

Stacy Jo Boyer


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