I'd like to send out a little credit where credit is due. This is regarding the apprehension of thieves from King's Variety Store on the 17th. The police were called after the one kid was caught, the person who caught the kid would not like his name mentioned, but I would like to point out he was never thanked for helping the police, until the owner of King's was told that he caught the little thief, then he was thanked. I personally want to send out my thanks, as those little-thieves were right by my house. I understand that the good samaritan is viewed as a trouble maker himself by the local police, but come on, it's the holidays, and when someone does something good, helps out, you say thank you. Any place could have been the next target, and I am glad that the do-gooder was in the right place at the right time (helping out someone else whose pipes had burst who happened to have perfect view of the escape route taken by the thieves). Thanks man, I appreciate it.


Gena Sayers

John Day

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