To the Editor:

Aryan Nation's potential influence in Grant County is something I want everyone to take a real hard look at. I have seen this group at work many times where I use to live and I can't begin to tell you the impact they can have.

For all the events that take place here I want you to really understand what can happen. You are planning a really exciting fund-raising event with great advertising and on your first day, you will see a group of these people standing outside your ticket area with all their handouts and intimidating attitude. All of a sudden the people coming to your event start turning away because they are afraid to cross that line. There is nothing you can really do because they are on the public sidewalk or street and have every right to be there. You are left holding the bag of expenses and your fund-raising event is a bust.

What would happen to Camp Logan Days, the Grant County Fair, Fourth of July events, Kruzers Car Show, Huckleberry Festival, Christmas Bazaar, Christmas on the Prairie, Music in the Park in Canyon City, just to name a few. The Wild West Show's attendance was between 800 to 1,000 with over half from out of the area and state. The Kam Wah Chung Museum has from 5,000 to 6,000-plus visitors from May 1st to October 31st. These visitors come from all over the world!

What a loss that would be to the economic status of Grant County to say nothing of the trickle down effect when these visitors go home and tell people not to come here because of this group.

Grant County and the surrounding counties have a very diverse cultural history that is a part of our daily lives and is enjoyed by the visitors that come here. This group will destroy any attempt for us to enjoy our heritage. Make no mistake, they will picket any businesses in the area that continue to advertise any cultural events and harass the individuals involved.

If you think all the mutated viruses are scary! You ain't seen nothing yet!

Katherine A. Smith

Prairie City

To the Editor:

To the people of Grant County. I am so proud of the people that have spent their days out on the streets picketing against the Aryan Nation takeover attempt. We have had a lot of folks go past and honk and wave. That cheers us up.

But - What do the Aryan Nations representatives see?

They see a small group of people with signs.

And - They see 7,000-plus people that are either indifferent, therefore easy to control, or that many people that will support them.

If you value your way of life, if you want your sons and daughters safe, you had better show yourselves. Make sure they see that we ALL do not want them here. Don't drive past and Honk. Park, get out of your car, stand with us.

Business owners, do you think that this isnt going to affect your business? Ranchers, your cattle will make excellent target practice. Churches? Do you think you will be allowed to stay here? Do you want your schools patrolled by Nazi's , your sons recruited, your daughters courted for their brooders?

Stand with us - Stand!

Kate Anderson

John Day

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