To the Editor:

Regarding the John Day sawmill: I am deeply saddened by the events that have recently occurred as I was made aware of the closure of the sawmill.

My heart and earnest prayers go out to those who are directly affected by this news. Sadly, this is just one event, in our rural setting, that will have major aftershocks. This closure will have major effects on our economy and that of the entire region.

For some time, the future of this area has been uncertain. What is certain, unless changes are implemented by those in government, things are only going to get worse.

I have been writing to various city, county and state businesses and government agencies about a hope that sits on the horizon, yet they fail to grasp the extreme importance of the message of hope that was shared.

Despite their rejection of this hope, I sincerely pray that this message for hope can be revealed. Until then, we must overcome this hardship with fellowship and brotherly love towards one another.

The hope of a better future looms on the horizon and is waiting to benefit the entire region. All that is needed is its acceptance by the people in leadership.

Pray for that day to come quickly so we can all reap the benefits of the hope that will be revealed.


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