To the Editor:

A couple of weeks back I sent a letter to the editor supporting Hillary Clinton for president. As I opened last week's Eagle, I was prepared to be hammered by a barrage of insults. I expected to have my intelligence compared to a baboon and my character likened to a coyote.

Instead, there was a response from Claude Baker that, even though it was a satire poking fun at what I had written, it was well thought out and cleverly composed. I enjoyed reading it. Ken Moore also had a go at a counter opinion without insulting me in any way.

 I thought, "Boy, oh boy! At last it's happened. One can express a new idea in Grant County without the far-right becoming 'vaporated' (neology - verb form of "the vapors").  I was feeling rather gleeful at the thought of an open and courteous exchange of ideas between the left and right.

 Then I looked to the bottom of the Opinion Page and the words leaped out at me - "Letters Policy" in bold, very large print. Wait a minute ... I grabbed the BME issue from the previous week and my glee began to fade. The "Letters Policy" notice was half the size.

I asked myself, "Why had it been necessary to make the notice so bold this week?" As I read the policy, it dawned on me. "No personal attacks will be allowed; challenge the opinion, not the person." I probably had really gotten hammered after all! But, thanks to our new editor (who, by the way, is a woman), I didn't have to have my feelings crushed. Maybe a woman can do a fine job as editor of our newspaper. And maybe, just maybe, a woman can do a fine job of running our country.

Go, Hillary, Go!

 Terry R. Steele


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