At last, thanks for addressing my questions, directly. No doubt, you've noticed a resistance to your candidacy. There are reasons. You advocate "pushing the limit" to challenge our laws. As a private businessman, OK, but in the role as a representative of Grant County, I think it's wrong to create an environment of conflict by testing the limits through "questionably legal" behavior which could cost this county more than money to litigate your policies (views).

Radical solutions beget more than bad press; they invite negative economic backlash. What responsible person (or industry) would want to invest in a community where attention and resources are misdirected to non-existent or merely symbolic issues? (The UN presence?) Also, shouldn't the sheriff's office focus on preventing real abuse and injuries caused by the predators perpetuating domestic abuse before putting cougar management at the top of its interests?

When I first heard candidate Mark Webb say "we need to retool our thinking" he got my attention. Yes!

I do not question your intent to improve opportunities for Grant County; I question a willingness to use illegal tactics and a refusal to engage in negotiations with those holding opposing views. I don't think that is strong leadership; I fear it is damaging leadership.

By the way, I am Terry Steele's wife. I was "Scheurer" for fifty years before my proud commitment to him. It would be unfair to saddle his name with my meld of opinions based on my past life experiences.

Kay Scheurer


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