To the Editor:

I realize what the president is facing. I know what affect big money can have on what we learn. But, I am really sick of BS terminology, of how we have to dance around issues and not really speak our minds.

We do not have a growing middle class. We have a certain upwardly moving class that is associated with the fossil fuel industry and the relaxed rules allowing this filthy industry to expand in America and to openly pollute our water and air.

Another thing, I also realize Wall Street pulls many strings; it makes people dance, but though this president is a billion times better than anything the Republicans have to offer, he still works for Wall Street. There are certain things that must be done now.

Climate change will, in the end, annihilate this species and many others. Not only are we not making the changes we have to to survive, we are increasingly adding more greenhouse gases to the atmosphere year after year. We are now near 400 ppb of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, greater than any time in over a million years, and methane, what can you say. We are suicidal. We are killing our grandchildren, and it seems we can barely speak of this.

I don’t blame you. It’s just that sometimes, looking at the reality of what is out there today, I am a fatalist. Sometimes I see no hope for this planet. I blame religion, business, politics and myself. I am guilty.

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