Meat Munching Competitors Make It Hard On Hunters" was interesting, but it could have been more informative. I would have liked to read some useful, factual information, such as what are the current laws and policies that are supposedly causing an overpopulation of bears, cougars, and coyotes?

Wasting paragraphs on the plight of a poor helpless fawn being sadistically ravaged by the coyote "killing machine" is ridiculous.

As is criticizing coyotes for not restricting their kills to the sick and the weak (and fawns qualify as weak), especially when most hunters go for trophies, taking the biggest and strongest.

Coyotes (and all wild animals) have to make their livings the best way they can. They do not have the option to stroll into Chester's and purchase groceries.

Mom nature is brutal, and you'd think an experienced outdoorsman would know this, and know better than to sentimentalize poor lil' Bambi getting eaten.

All predators target babies. Yeah, it's rough, but that's the way it is.

I would really like to see a more informative article, with facts and data on this issue.

Carla Schroder

Mt. Vernon

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